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January Birthstone

January Birthstone - Properties of the Garnet

January Birthstone Garnet

Garnet is an energising crystal and it helps to move and circulate energy, to cleanse and re-energise the chakras. Garnet helps to spark the fire of imagination and creativity and helps to release any blockages in this area. It is said to be a very lucky stone, and is helpful for business ventures or for anyone working in a job where creativity is important.

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Oceanic Tarot Course - Twos - Week 3

May 30, 2020

Every week i will help you to connect to the Tarot. This week we look at the Minor Arcana Cards starting with the Twos. First open your Chakras, then pick out the twos from the deck and start to feel the energy of the twos working. The number two vibration should make you feel balanced, unexpressed creativity, or cooperation. Place the cards in your hands, feeling the energy; get a sense for the number 2 cards.

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