Star Palm Stone

Star Palm Stone

Price: £12.99

A stunning Blue Quartz Palm Stone, has been hand-made with Psychic Sisters on one side and Star on the other.

Blue Quartz is known as the wishing stone a soothing, stress-relief stone. It assists in the ability to reach out to others, Assuages fear, Calms the mind, Inspires hope, Promotes understanding your spiritual nature, it can be used as a power amplifier during magic. Blue quartz is especially fine as a peace or tranquility stone.

Hold this gorgeous stone or use it to focus meditation and feel its rich energy. For yourself or a loved one, this Blue Quartz Palm Stone is a truly beautiful crystal gift.

All Crystal are blessed by Jayne Wallace. Reiki cleansed and charged with a powerful affirmation. Psychic Sisters velvet drawstring pouch.