Chakra Mala Beads

Chakra Mala Beads

Price: £25.00

This collection consists of necklaces that are conformed by 108 beads, making it a Tibetan rosary. Consisting of beautiful Chakra beads set on a thick elastic cord that you can wear long as a necklace or double-wrap as wrist-wear. 

Chakra Mala beads will help to remove energy blockages from the physical body. It clears the Aura & allows the Chakras to move more freely, it helps to clear negative energy and thoughts , bringing you more balance in you daily life.

About the Product

    •    Natural Agate 6mm Crystal Beads 

    •    Traditional 108 Bead Count

    •    All Our Malas Are Handmade

    •    Stretchable - Minimum Inside circumference 23

    •    Psychic Sisters Pouch Included

Psychic Sisters have hand blessed each Crystal and Energised it using Reiki.

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Please be aware that  these products are hand-made by Psychic Sisters. So some variation may occur.