The tarot has its own system of personalities represented by the 16 court cards - the King, Queen, Knight and Page of each suit. In this lesson you will learned about the four suits and court card ranks. These are the keys to understanding the court cards because the personality of each one is a combination of its suit and rank.

Pages often represent the very beginning of the development of the personality, and have a child-like quality about them. The energy of the Pages is often very child-like, young, immature and feminine.

Page of Cups

Keywords Sensitivity, gentleness, psychic ability, friendship

Meaning Fun, playfulness and easy friendship are the gifts of this Page - he or she may be a young person, or someone young at heart. Talkative and vivacious, they are the perfect companion if you’re willing to see the lighter side of life. There’s also a psychic, sensitive side to this individual, who is good at articulating his or her feelings and insights. As a situation, the Page asks you to connect with your intuitive gifts, and express them.

Power Message Focus on creativity, intuitive work and friendships; share ideas and dreams.

Page of Wands

Keywords Ideas, good news, discovery, creativity

This page is a young, enthusiastic and creative individual who brings energy and motivation to work projects and as a friend, is sociable and entertaining. As a situation, the card often comes up in readings to show a fun fling or new relationship, and in personal and work matters, new creative ideas and projects get underway. You may also be considering making travel plans to explore new places. 

Power Message Be a free spirit – muse on your bucket list and getting planning, or get involved in a group project that inspires your creativity. 

Page of Pentacles

Keywords Luck, new job, money, good news

Meaning This Page is a practical soul who likes to get things done; he or she brings hope and optimism your way. As a situation, the card often comes up in readings to reveal job offers, promotions, funding and buying or selling properties. As his appearance foretells good news about all money matters, his lucky charm extends to education, too, showing examination success and overall, a step up in life that brings you rewards.

Power Message Be open to all reasonable opportunities now, but go for common-sense options rather than dream-schemes.

Page of Swords

Keywords Gossip, duplicity, legal matters, agreements

Meaning As a person, this is younger individual with a hidden agenda. Although on the surface he or she appears harmless enough, they may snipe or talk behind your back because they want to gain ground against you; an additional meaning of this Page is someone making a complaint about your work or behaviour. As a situation, this card also comes up in readings to show work or student visa applications, and paperwork relating to house-moves and other legal matters.

Power Message Keep your own counsel and pay extra attention to how you communicate, verbally and in writing.

Now it is time to put all your together and star to do readings for your family or friends.

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